20/04 22:00


STREAMS stellen hun debuutplaat 'I AM' voor.




Even if the name doesn't really ring a bell, the voice certainly does. In recent years Nina Babet has been in demand as one of the most respected backing vocalists around. Having been writing her own songs since childhood, she never felt the need to share them, until these songs started emerging. These new tracks felt different. More important. Like a turning point.

In producer Yannic Fonderie she found the perfect soulmate to realise her vision. Even then, the decision to share this magic music with the rest of the world was only taken at the very last minute. “It just felt right to do this now. Ten years ago I could never have made a record like this. But in the current phase of my life it just feels like the natural next step. It's hugely exciting … and scary, because the songs are very, very personal.” She doesn't just say this because it looks good in a bio. Ask her what the lyrics are about, and all you get are long silences followed by apologies.

If she doesn't open up in conversation, she holds no bars in the music.
One thing's for sure: Nina Babet is ready to surprise and mesmerise. She even came up with a splendid new name for the occasion. “Streams” is my way to describe the way music runs through my veins.”

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  • 20-04-2017